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Out For (Blue) Blood

The latest episode of Blue Bloods was on my PVR, so I watched it.  I honestly thought that Jennifer would be on at least one more episode.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the shameful way Jennifer has been treated by the show/network in relation to her Celiac Disease, please read more here. […]

Paleo Autoimmune Protocol: What’s next for Sassy!

I wish I could say that a Whole30-type food program (which I endearingly referred to as Sasstember) changed my life, but unfortunately, I enjoyed limited results. During Sasstember, I started looking into the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.  As part of my review of Practical Paleo and my continued quest for health and reduced symptoms, I will […]

My Celiac is not Your Celiac…but we ALL need support!

If you haven’t yet heard of Jennifer Esposito, you should definitely look her up.  She is one of a very select few celebrities with Celiac Disease whom actually “GETS” Celiac Disease.  What I mean by that is that she understands that it is a real disease, a serious disease, and a disease that, for many, […]

Thanksgiving Roundup 2012

What I learned this Thanksgiving: Canada’s Thanksgiving is a celebration of successful harvest!  Our cooler climates call for an earlier harvest, which is why it is weeks before that of our American counterpart’s. Canada and the US are the only countries who celebrate Thanksgiving. A Paleo Thanksgiving can be satisfying, comforting, and doesn’t have to […]


Sasstember has blended into Sasstober…but what have I learned so far? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. Do I feel better? It’s hard to say. There were times when I thought I might be feeling better, but then I would be extremely fatigued, in pain, or foggy beyond belief.  I even had random tummy troubles that […]

Tips and Ideas for OPTIMAL Healing!

I remember learning in my Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury class at university that you can’t actually SPEED healing or make anything heal FASTER, but there are things that you can do in order to OPTIMIZE the healing process. The same can be said for healing the gut after a Celiac Disease diagnosis. As […]

31, 536, 000 SECONDS…since diagnosis!

*Please note, I did attempt to write this earlier in the week, but 4 stitches in my fingertip have somewhat interfered with my typing skills.  I’m still having way more typos than usual, but at least I can no longer feel my heartbeat in my finger LOL  Apologies for my tardiness!* Last Wednesday, September 19th, […]

Sassy Slipped Up!

Already? I know, kind of embarrassing, but I’m not beating myself up about it too much…my pounding head is doing that enough on its own! I did really well for most of the day.  Then a few things went awry, and then I had some anxiety creep in about some things, and everyone around me […]

Let’s Just Call It: SASSTEMBER!

Click Here For Images & Have A Sassy Saturday Pictures – Pictures SASSTEMBER 😉 That’s right. I said it. 🙂 Well, it’s not really a “challenge” and it’s not really an “elimination diet”, though it is both of those things, on many levels. So, I thought I’d give it a name.  LOL  That’s what I […]

SEPTANUARY: the new month for new beginnings?

Okay, so maybe it’s not really a “NEW” phenomenon.  I know when I was still in school, September was always a big deal.  And for those with kids, I imagine the same must be true.  And even though I’m no longer in school, I think the years (and years, and years) of schooling have still […]