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Gluten-Free Snack Product Lists (CANADA)

As always, READ THE LABELS!!!  And, of course, WHEN IN DOUBT, GO WITHOUT!!!  Two phrases a Celiac must live by.  However, sometimes it’s nice to have some company confirmation.  And those companies that go to the trouble of actually displaying gluten-free product lists on their websites deserve some recognition.  These lists are not always found […]

CHAPMAN’S Ice Cream…sporting the logo I love!

There are several gluten-free ice cream options available, but none that I have been more pleased with than Chapman’s!  Why?  Not only do they have a wide selection of gluten-free products…including, my favorite: gluten-free Cookies and Cream ice cream…it is also super easy to identify their gluten-free products, as they are proudly adorned with this […]

Don’t Make The Medicine Mistake!

I know this is an area where I have made several mistakes, simply by just forgetting to check for gluten! You feel sick, so you go to the pharmacy and pick out a “remedy” or something to at least alleviate some symptoms, you swallow it down, and lo and behold…you feel worse. Now, I’m not […]

Save On Foods Gluten-Free Shopping List

What I liked about investigating Save On Foods is that they provide gluten-free shopping lists for stores in your area!  Whatever area you are in, go to the Save On Foods website and either use the store locator to choose “Your Store”, or just search gluten-free, and I believe it will ask you for what store […]

Heinz Gluten-Free Product List (CANADA)

I called Heinz Canada, as I had some concern with the gluten-free product list I found online.  They got back to me in decent time, which was nice!  As it turns out, many of the items on the International list are Food Service items that can’t be purchased by us “Average Joe’s”.  He suggested going […]

Dairyland/Saputo 2011 Gluten-Free Product List

This gluten-free list was sent to me in response to an inquiry about Dairyland’s Milk 2 Go drinks (which are, incidentally, gluten-free!). When I can figure out how to post it as a link instead of in a post, then I will change it up! But as of yet, the company does not appear to […]