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SHANDHAR HUT: Gluten-Free Review

From the outside, Shandhar Hut could almost go unnoticed.  This would be a terrible shame…especially for all you Celiacs!  Upon entering, I immediately enjoyed the smells, the decor, and the atmosphere.  The first time I had been in the restaurant, I had only ordered take-out, and the restaurant looked quite small, intimate.  This time, they […]

Shades of gluten-free

The Domino’s (not) gluten-free pizza has caused quite an uproar.  Though I haven’t posted about it, yet, most people already know my stance. (By the way, don’t worry, Canada…our Domino’s didn’t bother offering gluten-free…yet!) It’s pretty disappointing to say the least.  It seems like a lazy effort, which leaves me wondering, what’s the point?  Dr. […]