The Naughty List…I had to write them all down because I kept forgetting what I wasn’t supposed to be eating!

Sasstember has blended into Sasstober…but what have I learned so far?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot.

Do I feel better?

It’s hard to say.

There were times when I thought I might be feeling better, but then I would be extremely fatigued, in pain, or foggy beyond belief.  I even had random tummy troubles that I couldn’t pinpoint to anything.

The most significant change was definitely the flatness of my tummy.  I didn’t lose much weight, but my distension and bloating really improved.

My blood sugar seemed a lot more stable.  I wasn’t overly hungry and I didn’t have the urge to binge or overeat.

But sadly, the three main symptoms I was hoping would be reduced, really didn’t budge much at all: brain fog, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.

I’ve waited a little bit before posting this, because I was trying to remember other things that I’ve learned.  The interesting thing, I suppose, is that this weekend I’ve been having foods from the Naughty List, and I definitely noticed things like my cravings were higher, I ate more, until the point of feeling too full (which I never did on “the plan”), and today I am super tired with very puffy eyes/face.  Oh, and I didn’t even get through a whole glass of wine before the headache came on and lasted well into the next day.  Well played, alcohol…well played.  Sigh.

So, while I didn’t feel miraculously better when I cut out all those foods, it seems that I do feel worse with some of those foods added back in.

I didn’t do the proper reintroduction of foods like I had planned on doing so that I could tell which foods in particular caused me problems.  That is still to come.

I am currently reviewing “Practical Paleo”, by Diane Sanfilippo.  She talks about the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, and that a person may only need 30 days on the protocol and then can possibly return to the basic Paleo plan.  She also outlines a protocol for Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia/MS, plus others like Neurological health and Digestive Health.

That is what is coming next.  I will be exploring these options as I review the book (which is GREAT so far, by the way!).  I will choose what I think will work best for me and then test it out!  And of course, report back! 🙂


UPDATE:  I wasn’t exactly sure about this one, but sadly, it seems clear…COFFEE and I can no longer be friends!  I think I have a sensitivity to caffeine in general…it makes me feel nauseous and kind of shaky and gross.  I know some people have similar reactions.  Not fun, I tell you, but it’s nice to have learned one more thing.  Sorry, coffee, I guess you won’t help “clear my head” or “wake me up” as I once thought you did/would!  Sayonara.


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After countless years of illness and a final plea to my doctor during my third hospital visit in one year, I was told I have Celiac Disease in February 2011, at the age of 29. I have been exploring the world of gluten-free ever since! Of course, Celiac Disease is not the only thing that defines me, though it will be the major topic of this blog. I have also recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology, both of which I am finding helpful in coping with this new dietary restriction and lifestyle. If nothing else, my years of university have made me a great researcher! I own a pug named Wilbur, who is my saving grace! Penelope, a Boston/Frenchy mix, is my newest addition. Dogs are precious...a true example of unconditional love. And as for the rest...I love singing, dancing, fitness, health, farm-fresh foods, cooking, learning, nature, laughter (where would I be without laughter?)...and helping others. If this blog can help even one person in any way, I would be honored :)


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  1. October 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    Oh dear, I’m sorry you haven’t pinpointed what it is that is keeping you from feeling like you pure self. I wish you much luck in discovering what it is, and I’m sure you will someday. Nobody should have to go through what you are going through. Lots of understanding and love, Amanda.


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    […] wish I could say that a Whole30-type food program (which I endearingly referred to as Sasstember) changed my life, but unfortunately, I enjoyed limited […]

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