No caffeine, WHAT?! Thank DAVID for Rooibos!

Well, DAVIDsTEA didn’t INVENT Rooibos, but they sure did some amazing things with it!

They’ve done some amazing things with a LOT of teas, but since I’m avoiding caffeine to see if I react to it, I am particularly thankful for their variety of naturally caffeine-free Rooibos teas!

People suggested I drink decaf coffee, and the thought of it really didn’t appeal to me.  I like coffee…but really, just for the caffeine.  I’m tired a lot LOL  (Yes, I know, caffeine shouldn’t be used as a crutch for fatigue).  I do, however, like my Pumpkin Spice Lattés!

Here’s what I actually discovered.  It’s not even that I like coffee, or caffeine…I wasn’t worried about missing those, too much.  What I DO LIKE IS: A warm beverage.

I like a nice, warm, tasty beverage that I can slip a little coconut milk into and sip.

I drink a ton of water and I don’t drink pop/soda/juice, so this warm, flavorful beverage is kind of a treat for me.  Especially as fall fast approaches, you can’t beat a mug of hot goodness.

So bring on the Rooibos!

As I mentioned, it’s naturally caffeine-free, and pretty good on its own, but its mild flavor lends it to all sorts of tasty flavor combinations…and DAVIDsTEA has definitely discovered more than just a few great blends!  It also has a buttload of antioxidants and boasts several other health benefits.

I’m currently sipping Organic Turmeric Snap, which reminds me a bit of the Creamy Turmeric Tea that I love so much from Mark’s Daily Apple.  My other favorites right now include Oh Canada, (how very patriotic of me :P) which has a sweet maple kick, and Coco Chai Rooiboos, with coconut and spicy notes.  But you can check out all the fancy flavors on their website.  I definitely have my eye on their Caffeine-Free Teas Sampler Set!

And, of course, all their teas are GLUTEN-FREE!  They are quite well-versed in other allergies/intolerances, too, so if you have any, just say the word and let them help you out. (*NOTE: do look at ingredients, I know at least one of their teas contains gluten-free wheat starch.  It is tested to be gluten-free, but I, personally, was not willing to try it.)

My only complaint?  Their new Pumpkin Chai Tea is a black tea!  LOL Of course I’m only complaining because I was hoping to replace my Pumpkin Spice Lattes with a Pumpkin Chai Tea, but unfortunately neither are caffeine-free (plus it contains dairy and soy)! (I should note that I did have a chance to try the Pumpkin Chai Tea before Sasstember started, and it WAS amazing!)

The upside?  There are many more Rooibos flavors for me to try, and perhaps I will even reap the benefits!  And if I get through all of those, there’s a bunch of herbals to sample…or even some ayurvedics!




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After countless years of illness and a final plea to my doctor during my third hospital visit in one year, I was told I have Celiac Disease in February 2011, at the age of 29. I have been exploring the world of gluten-free ever since! Of course, Celiac Disease is not the only thing that defines me, though it will be the major topic of this blog. I have also recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology, both of which I am finding helpful in coping with this new dietary restriction and lifestyle. If nothing else, my years of university have made me a great researcher! I own a pug named Wilbur, who is my saving grace! Penelope, a Boston/Frenchy mix, is my newest addition. Dogs are precious...a true example of unconditional love. And as for the rest...I love singing, dancing, fitness, health, farm-fresh foods, cooking, learning, nature, laughter (where would I be without laughter?)...and helping others. If this blog can help even one person in any way, I would be honored :)


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